1GAW - #1 Dodger

1dodger screen

1GAW is my personal 1-game-a-week project, where I try to make micro games/small prototypes every weekend. I get my game ideas mainly from this post. First one supposed to be a “dodger” type of game, but I like shooting more then dodging.

I’m going to use mainly luxeengine for this project, always provide a source code and playable demo. So let’s start with the first one:

Pixel Sprite Generator


Recently I’ve found this interesting Pixel Sprite Generator. You can create procedurally generated sprites on the fly. It uses ala 2D array of values to draw solid outline, “soft” body or an empty pixel. Provide just one mask and get millions of variations.

GrayScale - reflections after game jam

grayscale after

GameBoy Jam has ended some time ago and my game ranked #7 in the competition. Among ~250 submitted projects I find it as small personal success and I wanted to thank everyone who voted :)

I’ve had really great time during the jam. Seeing other people’s projects being built step by step was really interesting and empowering experience. I could follow many games progress from the scratch, many of them with different mechanics and ideas. Game jams are one of the best ways to get into creating and finishing your small games and I surely will attend to some of them in the future.