Save people from sadness WITH MUSIC!

You have 10 seconds!

People spawn at random places, bring music to their life by shooting notes at them. Happy people will keep on dancing, but sad people can die.
Game over when the timer runs out, so make people happy or wait for them to die… you monster.

README: Web version required WebGL in your browser. If for some reason it runs slowly or doesn’t run at all -> Download the native version for Windows.


  • WSAD / ARROWS / ZSQD – walk around
  • Mouse – Aim and left button to shoot notes
  • +/- – change volume of the music if you don’t like it 😉


GrayScale (prototype)


Your goal in GrayScale is to clear the level of all the slimey colors floating around. You can only do it by dashing through!

Dashing can be also used to SMASH any monsters who stand in your way. But be careful where you land, dashing into the void is deadly and you’ll also be bouncing around when you dash into the wall.


  • Arrows or WASD – move your character around
  • [X] or [NUM_4] – while holding movement keys – dash into gievn direction

Protip: before dashing remember to hold your diretion keys before hitting dash key. It’s easier to make diagonal dashes like that.


Gray Cruncher: big smile with bigger teeth on his face sais it all. He only wants to eat you.

Tile Spectre: sneaky one, hides inside of tiles and will scream out waves of energy when you get close. Cannot be directly attacked, the only way it can die is to tricking him to stepping into the void.