Just Tap 10

Had it in my repo for a long time (2016), just refreshed it. Inspired by game from my old Nokia phone.

Snake game

Just a quick snake game done in 1 day. I’m rendering everything on <canvas> element without any 2D drawing library.

Hungry Spider

You’re a spider! Each, but not too much. Avoid Spikes.


Nerve wrecking arcade runner game about love and throwing crates.

Avoid bombs, grab and throw crates, run, jump and don’t loose hope.

Now go! Rush to your love!


Save people from sadness WITH MUSIC!

You have 10 seconds!

GrayScale (prototype)

Your goal in GrayScale is to clear the level of all the slimey colors floating around. You can only do it by dashing through!

Threes Clone

Once upon a time I’ve decided to make a clone of popular game as fast as possible. A clone of “Threes”.