UDK – Floating Islands.

Step 1: palm trees grow on islands

Floating Islands is a project for studies. We’re limited to use UDK so it’s a little step backward for me. Gaah, that interface šŸ™ The plan is to makeĀ 1 levelĀ where player needs to go from point A to B directly or by alternative route. See that island on the left? Thats my point B. I’m going to put a lot of floating rocks and lower the gravity a bit for some jump-action.

Performance wise, I’ve discovered that default UDK’s grass isn’t well optimised. Static mesh doesn’t have any LOD meshes and the best way to gain some performance is to force it disappear from the screen somehow (‘m not an expert, but I know some stuff). But I wanted to see more grass in the distance! So I importedĀ this grass into Blender somehow, put 2 planes in the center, fix UV maps and exportĀ it back inside UDK.Ā Now just set LOD 1 mesh, tweak some properties and Voila! From 50 to 100 FPSĀ just as it should be. Now theĀ rendering runs much faster and I can still see some grass in the distance šŸ™‚ Screenshot below: