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GrayScale - reflections after game jam

GameBoy Jam has ended some time ago and my game ranked #7 in the competition. Among ~250 submitted projects I find it as small personal success and I wanted to thank everyone who voted :)

I’ve had really great time during the jam. Seeing other people’s projects being built step by step was really interesting and empowering experience. I could follow many games progress from the scratch, many of them with different mechanics and ideas. Game jams are one of the best ways to get into creating and finishing your small games and I surely will attend to some of them in the future.


I read every comment added by players on Gamejolt and I came to conclusion that, while many players enjoyed the experience, GrayScale is not actually finished. It has a bit list of things that could be added, fixed and get more polished. In fact i have lots of abandoned ideas in notebook and Trello board.

I decided to keep working on GrayScale but can’t promise that updates will be frequent because I have my full-time job to take care of. But when an update comes - It won’t be small ;) My goal is not to bloat this game with lots of features but add whats needed and limit what is not, trying to keep the balance right (woah, big talk!).


I’ve successfully compiled the game for Android! You can get the test build below, but I WARN YOU: this is just a quick solution, controls are sloppy, D-Pad is invisible (lower left of your screen) and It might not run on every device. If you’re still interested, link is below, let me know how it runs.

Download GrayScale-debug.apk


Right now GrayScale is available to play in Web (Flash player), Windows and Linux. It’s going to land on Android Market and possibly other platforms eventually. I don’t really have any Apple device right now but I might get them someday. Building cross-platform games with HaxeFlixel is really easy.

I’ve already published source code for this game so you can follow my progress or even remix GrayScale in your own fashion. Get it on Github.

Game will remain completely FREE on every platform and I’m not going to smash advertisement on it. I don’t want to put any price on my “first game ever”, this way (hopefully) more people could discover GrayScale. Besides I don’t know if I can legally sell anything like that in my country without having company - but that doesn’t matter now anyway.