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Darek Greenly

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GrayScale – Re-making from scratch

Some time ago I decided to keep updating GrayScale. It was created using HaxeFlixel, which is great for quick prototyping small games. Maybe it’s my limited knowledge of that framework but I discovered that It gave me too much problems while developing. Adding new enemy means lots of copy/pasted code or strict inheritance.

Next I found out that it tried to do most of the work for me. It’s usually not a bad thing, but when something goes wrong or when you start seeing performance issues on slower machines, you can’t quickly find what seems to be a problem. Another bad thing is that it lags horribly while recording a video, I’ve seen at least 2 lets-players who had issues with my game.

Then I found luxe engine.

Component entity system would solve my problems with creating new enemies/abilities. Direct GL calls everywhere (OpenGL/WebGL). No Flash. Plus I could add fancy GLSL shaders into the game, like explosion shockwave or changing colors in runtime without using thousands of different sprites.

Luxe engine enforces programmers to do most of the job, but thats OK with me. I have more control over what I’m creating. I define how physics work, how collisions are calculated in tile-based world.

Box learned a new trick - Stomp

Adding new movement types for example is much easier and using Components allows me to re-use that kind of movement later. Maybe some enemy could be dashing through the air just like you :)

So yeah, the game is still in development! I’ve got a big idea of what I want to create.

Trello really helps managing my tasks. I’ve got 2 main lists in it: “TODO - Essential” and “TOTO - Later” :) The idea fairy won’t distract me much now!