Floating Islands (update 2)

floating island final

Islands are finally done - for now. I’ve managed to finish this project and pass an exam with the highest grade (It was my project for university). You can check the walkthrough video below.

My job was to use all UDK’s sample content to create something extraordinary with one rule: ”Make two paths from point A to point B, one with obstacles”. You can tell that jumping on the rocks supposed to be the harder route, because it requires you to jump. There’s another, much longer route by the stairs.

I’m not done with this project yet! UDK is great tool to quickly set-up your world with sample assets. But you know whats better? Unreal Engine 4. Floating Islands are going to be my bachelors degree project so if I’m gonna make improvements to this world, I’ll need to change my tools. I’ve already played around with UE4 before getting started with UDK and I can already tell, that thanks to my little experience with both tools, I am able to re-create the whole project with much more efficiency then if I were to keep on improving it in UDK alone.

EDIT: I didn’t had time to update it to the UE4, but I managed to finish this project in time and pass my bachelors degree :) Below is my updated video.



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Screenshot 01
02 ymxcCLt
Screenshot 02
03 uBm5hfS
Screenshot 03
04 p9VGTu5
Screenshot 04
05 guZBL8r
Screenshot 05
06 h24XFy0
Screenshot 06
07 qWR5wb3
Screenshot 07
08 xRG9zrJ
Screenshot 08
09 Hr1Z55y
Screenshot 09
10 Kxa8boV
Screenshot 10
11 c9dUXco
Screenshot 11
12 1sIGvXz
Screenshot 12
13 WRipvYt
Screenshot 13
14 QY9zj4c
Screenshot 14