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Darek Greenly

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1GAW – #4 Simon says

Press Enter to let Simon talk… and then follow his word.

This Simon says prototype was fun to create. There’s a lot of event based movements and 2 custom components. One for making buttons clickable and another to make them shine for a bit when Simon says.

If you’re new to the Luxe engine, I’d like to introduce the config.json file. With this little beauty you can make changes to your game world without needing to re-build the whole code. In this example I used it to set width & height of the game but also to change colors of Simon’s buttons, as you can see in the image above.

Get source on github


There are still some things that would be nice to have with this prototype. You could try and implement it yourself :) . For example:

  • Scores, round number, any stats
  • Make Simon talk faster after each round
  • Animate the shining or even make custom button animation


[commits repository=‘4Simon’ count=‘5’ title=‘Commits’]