Monstrous Escape – first try at tabletop game

It’s my first card game. Real, physical cards game. I’ve had this idea flying around my head for a month or so. I’ve never designed a tabletop game so i thought – why not?

Basic rules are simple, borrowed from Uno: get rid of your cards. But anyone can make it harder for you by placing monsters in your “battle zone” (everyone has one). Use attack cards to beat them or action cards for extra fun. At first it was (another) zombie-themed game but I quickly changed that.

So I begun first prototypes. Just use a regular playing cards deck and go from there. I changed diamonds to monsters, other numbers were attacks and faces (J, Q, K, A) action cards. I drew over them silly faces and weapons. First version was tested only by myself and 2 to 4 “imaginary” testers, so when I played it with a real person for the first time, the game usually ended by 3 to 6 turns… That’s not good. After that came another prototype, with some rules to make game longer and also with powerful monsters that can act as action cards when you defeat them (this one was brilliant). For example, you could place monstrous Queen on player’s battle zone. Whoever defeats this monster, can use it as an action card called Headshot – kill any monster immediately.

I quickly realized that preparing each version of prototype and playing it even by myself took more time than I expected…

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