Responsive Tabs

responsive tabs

If you have a component with tabs in your non-mobile website you don’t think about “how will those look on smaller screens?” You already know it’s going to look ok but switching between tabs will not feel comfy in most cases. Instead you should wonder “how do I make it work well on mobile?” or “how to make tabs usable on smaller screens?“. Creating responsive tabs is important to make the website usable in every environment.

Scrollable off-canvas navigation in HTML mobile app

This article mentions old versions of Android and Zepto library. But other than that, some tricks may still be usable today.

off canvas scrollable menu

There are many different ways to achieve nice and fluid off-canvas navigation in mobile websites. Some simple solutions can be easily implemented in you mobile app without too much of a trouble. The problem comes when we want to create menu similar to those in native apps, like Google+ or new Gmail app. We start to design it on the computers, we put some JS and CSS definitions - everything works fine! By the time we open our app on the phone we realise that something is not quite right… and it gets even worse on other or older devices.