Multiplayer JavaScript game - dev log #3

Okay, so looking at my last dev log, a lot has changed.

It’s not a game anymore

The more I coded, the better I realized that it would be better to start chopping this one big project to separate pieces:

  • CardsGame libraries - both client and server side in one place as one big happy monorepo family.
  • Cards game “portal”, a thing which is using CardsGame libraries to provide some games for players.

CardsGame libraries are intended to be a set of tools initially for myself, but could also become a tool for other people in the future. Colyseus is still the main driver of network connectivity here (I even managed to contribute with some bug fixes for them 😇).

So what happened between now and then?

Multiplayer JavaScript game dev log #2

There’s some progress! Since I first started coding this thing it went through a lot of changes:

I ditched Redux and redux-like states on server-side. That was probably already mentioned in the last post. Generally I need to focus on mutations, not replacing the whole state with every tiny change (immutability).

I ditched React for client-side rendering. I wanted to have some nice animations which would move the cards from one place to another. That worked quite well until I then needed to position everything around the circle + around each player in a game screen, where you don’t know the exact number of players upfront.

Added pixi.js for the rendering. I’m somewhat familiar to this rendering as I played around with Phaser game engine for a tiny bit.

But let me take a few steps back and remind myself about the last time I wrote anything on this blog.

… so.

Multiplayer JavaScript game dev log #1


As a guy who used to create tiny, tiny games, I thought that adding “multiplayer” to my tool-belt could be the next step forward. JavaScript is the main language for me now (as I got hired as web developer) so Node.js is the way to go. But… I quickly remembered the last time I wanted to create something with Node.js - sweat, pain, some sleepless nights and unfinished apps. Maybe that was just my ignorance back then, and general lack of discipline? I watched couple of courses about Node.js to refresh my knowledge and opened up new window in Visual Studio Code.