1GAW – #4 Simon says

Press Enter to let Simon talk… and then follow his word.

This Simon says prototype was fun to create. There’s a lot of event based movements and 2 custom components. One for making buttons clickable and another to make them shine for a bit when Simon says.

If you’re new to the Luxe engine, I’d like to introduce the config.json file. With this little beauty you can make changes to your game world without needing to re-build the whole code. In this example I used it to set width & height of the game but also to change colors of Simon’s buttons, as you can see in the image above.

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1GAW – #3 Sliding Puzzle

So I was in Norway this weekend and I though I could make up something quickly for this 1GAW (even though I already missed one weekend) so I made this Sliding Puzzle. I already know HaxeFlixel more than Luxe so I went with it. Web build has ugly fonts (no time to fix it) so I’m attaching flash build below.

In the mean time I also updated a bit the first entry Dodger, go check it out!

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1GAW – #2 Memory Puzzle

Memory puzzle, with cards and simple, colorful figures on their faces. I probably shouldn’t show you where are all the cards at the beginning. That was just the first test of Timer with scheduled function to run aaaand I just left it there 🙂 This time I learned how to properly use events, timers and components.

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1GAW – #1 Dodger

1GAW is my personal 1-game-a-week project, where I try to make micro games/small prototypes every weekend. I get my game ideas mainly from this post. First one supposed to be a “dodger” type of game, but I like shooting more then dodging.

I’m going to use mainly luxeengine for this project, always provide a source code and playable demo. So let’s start with the first one:

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