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Darek Greenly

Personal blog, expect game dev and web stuff

Hi, I’m a software engineer based in Poland.

Here I’m writing about projects I’m working on, or things I find fascinating.

Currently I’m working on a Card Games World, using Svelte and Colyseus. Life and full-time job gets in the way, so its a slow progress. Still, I also try to contribute to open source whenever I can!

Anyway, all the social links are up top 👌.

My current favorite tools

  • Svelte & SvelteKit
  • TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js
  • Visual Studio Code, Prettier

Top of my mind

  • Sci-fi books and movies. Favorite: “Perfect imperfection”
  • Tabletop games (both short and long)
  • Creating things in general: drawings, woodworking, games
  • Anime and Manga: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures
  • Video games: puzzle, simulations, adventures, survival