1GAW - #1 Dodger

1dodger screen

1GAW is my personal 1-game-a-week project, where I try to make micro games/small prototypes every weekend. I get my game ideas mainly from this post. First one supposed to be a “dodger” type of game, but I like shooting more then dodging.

I’m going to use mainly luxeengine for this project, always provide a source code and playable demo. So let’s start with the first one:

Get source code on github


Use arrow keys to go left/right and hold space to shoot. There are three types of enemies, and each react differently on hit. I wasn’t able to add any score counting and not even a “game over” state because of limited time (and probably Prison Architect too :) ). That’s only the first game and I’ve already discovered some good and bad things with my coding. I didn’t use any Event’s here, which would kick me in the ass if I kept going with this game. TODO: start using events EVERYWHERE - starting from the next week!


I’ll probably keep updating this prototype with new stuff. I’ve added commits list so you can seethe changelog. The above text may be out of date, but you’ll always see newest playable version below and source code on github :)

(an iframe will hopefully appear below, game not recommended for mobile)